Protein-Mischung B/AB  454 g

Protein-Mischung B/AB 454 g

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Protein Blend™Powder - Proteinmischung für Blutgruppe B / AB - 454 g 

Protein Right 4 Your Type®

This custom-blended D’Adamo Protein Blend provides the ultimate in clean protein fuel, quickly and easily absorbed by your body for optimal uptake and energy production.

Naturally unflavored, and containing no added sugar, Protein Blends mix easily with juices, fruit—and anything you can create. Many nutritionists recommend 'grazing' or eating many smaller meals throughout the day. With Dr. D’Adamo’s Protein Blends, you can blend a quick and nutritious shake that will provide a clean, quality protein source, either in-between meals or in place of a full meal.

Not all protein supplements are created equally and not all sources of protein are ideal for your body. In fact, some common sources of protein aren’t properly digested or well tolerated by your blood type. Formulated only from non-genetically altered, all-natural protein sources, each D’Adamo Protein Blend formula is free from synthetic and unnecessary additives that may not be right for you.

In formulating his three Protein Blend supplement powders, Dr. D’Adamo only adds those naturally beneficial ingredients that enhance absorption for each formula.

Protein Blend B/AB

Protein Blend B/AB is a uniquely formulated, ABO-targeted, high protein content powder. In the B/AB Protein Blend whey protein concentrate is the prime protein, not the 'isolate' as seen in many other whey formulas. Protein Blend B/AB has no added sugar, no fillers, is neutral in taste, and contains only pure, non-genetically altered, natural whole food sources. It is designed, when mixed with liquid, to be used as a high protein source of liquid nutrition in cases where added protein in the diet is desirable.

We suggest you try:

  • Type B: Cranberry, Pineapple, and Papaya
  • Type AB: Black Cherry, Cranberry, and Lemon

For sweeteners, if desired. Use blender for optimum results.

The amino acid profile optimized for blood type A (in milligrams) is: Alanine (1109), Arginine (1116), Aspartic Acid (1889), Cystine (607), Glutamic Acid (3066), Glycine (759), Histidine (602), Isoleucine (1098), Leucine (1810), Lysine (1356), Methionine (634), Phenylalanine (844), Proline (1208), Serine (1110), Threonine (1159), Tryptophan (482), Tyrosine (854), Valine (1111).
454 Grams

Suggested Use: 2 scoops in 6-8 ounces of water or favorite juice.


Protein Blend B/AB: Protein Blend 20 g, (of Whey Protein Concentrate, Rice Protein Powder and Egg Whites), Fibersol-2, Arabinogalactan 1 g, Apple Fiber, Pectin, Alpha Lipoic Acid 15 mg, Bromelain 15 mg, Natural Vitamin E Acetate 30 IU 5 mg.

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